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The Ultimate Guide to Impeccable Lawns : Master the Use of Par 3 Herbicide !

Are you a passionate lawn care professional looking to maximize the results of your herbicide applications ? At Buypar3canada, we understand your need for quality and performance, which is why we are excited to present our comprehensive guide to using our three flagship products : Trillion, Par 3, and 3 Way XP.

Whether you are a novice or an expert in lawn care, our guide offers practical advice and tips for optimal use of our high-quality herbicides. Learn the pros and cons of each application method, and discover how to maximize results for impeccably manicured lawns.

Of course, these application methods are provided for informational purposes only, and we are not responsible for the results obtained with your applications. But don't let that discourage you, because with the right advice and tips that we provide, you can use these herbicide products effectively and with confidence, for stunning results on your clients' lawns.

So, don't wait any longer to uncover the secrets of Trillion, Par 3, and 3 Way XP, and propel your business towards unparalleled success!

Use a small sprayer


Are you tired of battling stubborn weeds like ground ivy, wild strawberry, or violet ? We have the solution for you : use a small sprayer to apply our Par 3 Herbicide, Trillion, and 3 Way XP products.

Thanks to the small size of the product droplets, the efficiency of the application is increased, even on the most difficult weeds to remove. The micro-droplets penetrate perfectly and allow optimal coverage of each weed, for impeccable results.

Unlike large droplets, which can have a limited effect, small sprayers offer a practical and effective solution for lawn treatment professionals who are committed to excellence.

And the best part ? A small sprayer is easy to find and inexpensive, making it an ideal option for lawn treatment professionals who are budget-conscious.

So, don’t wait any longer to try this method and enjoy all the benefits it can offer to your lawns !


  • Although this method is ideal for localized treatments and small areas, it may not be suitable for large surfaces or high volumes.
  • If you have a lot of lands to treat, it may take longer than using other methods that are better suited to larger surfaces.


Using a small sprayer is particularly useful for localized treatments when there are only a few weeds present in the lawn. This approach is ideal for lawns already in good condition and can quickly produce impressive results. By targeting the most stubborn weeds, you’ll benefit from increased effectiveness in achieving a healthier lawn. Additionally, this method is great for regular maintenance of lawns with few weeds. Even novice professionals can easily use this method successfully, although it’s important to note that it may take longer to treat large areas.


  • This herbicide application method is accessible to all professionals, as it does not require complex or expensive equipment.
  • With its precise and minimal spray, it allows for significant cost savings while achieving optimal results.
  • By using this method, you can save on the amount of product required, while still maintaining maximum effectiveness due to the small size of the droplets.
  • With optimal coverage of each weed, this method is extremely effective, even against the toughest weeds.
  • Finally, this method is more environmentally friendly as it requires less product, allowing you to treat your lawns in a more eco-friendly way.

However, if you are willing to take the time to apply the herbicide with precision, this method can still be very effective.

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Mix preparation:


For flawless mixing preparation, follow these simple but important steps. Open the container and pour 50% of the water into the sprayer, then add the concentrated product before filling the rest of the container with water to the required amount. For a homogeneous mixture, it is important to shake well by closing the lid and being careful not to spill. The use of a measuring cup is highly recommended for precise dosing. With these tips, your mixture will be perfect and ready to use in no time.


To maximize optimal results with this method, it is important to consider the following tips :

  1. Wet the leaves of the weeds in a localized manner without overdoing it. It is enough that the leaves are wet for the weeds to absorb the product and die.
  2. It is crucial to evenly cover the terrain without forgetting any sections. To do this, making straight and unilateral rows is recommended to avoid missing any spots.
  3. It is important to note that these products do not prevent the appearance of new weeds; they simply kill the ones that are present. Therefore, it is pointless to apply it everywhere and abuse the quantity of the product. A powerful spray and wet leaves are enough to achieve satisfactory results.

To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to dilute 20 milliliters of concentrated product in 1 liter of water. This is the most powerful and effective dosage for eliminating the most stubborn weeds. However, if you are dealing with less resistant weeds, you can use a lower dosage to save on product.

So, if you are using a 10-liter canister for preparation, you will need to mix 200 milliliters of concentrated product with water. Be sure not to exceed this maximum recommended dosage, as it will only waste product and could even damage your lawn. An application at this dosage will allow you to target weeds precisely and eliminate them quickly and effectively.

As a top provider of high-quality herbicides, including Par 3 Herbicide in Canada, we recommend this method for achieving a healthy, weed-free lawn that will make your clients happy.

Use a commercial horticultural spray with a double trigger


Are you looking for a more versatile application method for your herbicides ? Try using a commercial horticultural sprayer equipped with a dual trigger. This method allows you to combine multiple applications into one, such as your liquid fertilizer or liquid feed with a selective herbicide, without mixing the products in the same tank.

The key to this method is the dual trigger system: a large trigger for the main tank that controls the fertilizer application, and a small trigger for the smaller tank that controls the localized application of the herbicide.

With the small filaments that mix at the moment of trigger pressure, the commercial horticultural sprayer with a dual trigger is perfect for precise, localized application. This allows you to both nourish your soil and eliminate weeds at the same time, without wasting products. You can even use this method to spray both insecticide and herbicide without mixing the two products.

In addition to being effective, this method is economical and environmentally friendly. It also helps you comply with laws in some countries that prohibit mixing products in the same tank to prevent pollution.

Try this easy, convenient, and economical application method now to eliminate weeds in a targeted way !


  • The method may be slightly less effective than localized spraying, as the product may be more diluted.
  • Although it is less effective than Method 1, this method still yields good results.
  • Foliage coverage may also be slightly lower due to the larger size of the droplets.


As a lawn treatment company, you surely know that time is money. Therefore, you want to achieve the best possible results cost-effectively and efficiently. This is where the advantages of this method really shine. By using a commercial horticultural sprayer, you can treat lawns faster, which allows you to handle more clients in less time, and maximize your profits while providing them with superior quality service.


  • With this method, you can perform two distinct treatments in a single pass, saving time and money, which translates into greater profitability for your lawn care business.
  • It is particularly well-suited for large areas, providing enhanced effectiveness.
  • It delivers superior results compared to other application methods. The recommended dosages are easy to follow, and the products are consistently mixed for targeted, uniform, and effective action.
  • It is easy to incorporate this method into your regular lawn care maintenance routine, as it allows for simultaneous Par 3 treatments. Additionally, the small tank is always present to facilitate the addition of new treatments.
  • It is also affordable and economical, requiring fewer products and frequent treatments for optimal results.
  • By mixing two products, such as fertilizer and herbicide, you can achieve a synergistic effect for maximum effectiveness.
  • Moreover, by mixing your product with liquid fertilizer, you will also benefit from a growth boost for the herbicide, without any unpleasant odors.

However, it remains an effective and cost-efficient method for treating large areas. It mainly allows for combining treatments and reducing costs by using recommended dosages.

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Mix preparation:

To achieve optimal results, it is important to prepare the mixture properly. Tanks are often equipped with agitators to ensure a uniform and homogeneous mixture. In addition, some equipment is even equipped with an automated mixer that ensures consistency and uniformity in the mixture for optimal performance.

However, it is crucial not to mix products from different brands in the tank, even if they contain the same active ingredients. Indeed, the composition of fillers can vary, affecting the density and flow rate of the product. To avoid any complications, we therefore recommend that you carefully clean the tank if you change the product or brand.


To achieve the best results, it’s important to correctly measure the products. This is where calibration and precision come into play.

Today, most commercial horticultural sprayers are calibrated to operate at a specific flow rate of 150 ml per minute, although this may vary depending on your equipment. For optimal mixing, we recommend using 4 liters of concentrated product for 6 liters of water, which is a ratio of 40 % concentrated product to 60 % water.

Furthermore, we strongly advise regularly testing your equipment to ensure the flow rate remains constant, especially in hot weather where pressure can fluctuate.


To maximize results, we have some tips to share with you :

  1. When applying treatments, it is recommended to make linear rows to visualize the treated areas and avoid missing any spots. For this, use the double trigger for precise control of the product distribution.
  2. Always check the nozzle to ensure that droplets are well divided and evenly distributed. It is important to brush it regularly and keep it in constant motion for homogeneous coverage.
  3. To adjust the pressure, you can use the small trigger for a consistent application of 150 ml per minute. As for the large trigger, you can use it by reducing the pressure to effectively eliminate weeds without diluting the product.
  4. For tough weeds, such as violets, we recommend reducing the pressure of the large trigger to a minimum and using the small trigger at full power. You can even bend down to reach the weeds from underneath, as some have a hydrophobic protective membrane that requires more targeted application.

Use a commercial sprayer for large-scale application


If you’re a lawn care professional, you probably already know that herbicide treatment can be tedious, especially when there are many weeds to eliminate. But don’t worry, we have an effective solution for you : use a commercial horticultural sprayer for large-scale application.

This method is simple, yet incredibly effective. With a single large-capacity tank and trigger, you can treat large areas quickly and efficiently. All you need to do is adjust the trigger pressure to eliminate stubborn weeds and keep a lower pressure for more sensitive areas.

Furthermore, this method of large-scale application is also perfect for professionals who want to quickly and effectively treat large lawns, without worrying about technical details.

So, if you’re looking to save time while achieving professional results, don’t hesitate any longer and adopt Method 3 now.


  • When using a large sprayer with a significant tank capacity, product losses are often expected, which can be costly and environmentally unfriendly.
  • When applying your treatment with a large sprayer, it is often difficult to control droplet size, which can lead to uneven product distribution.
  • Given that product distribution can be less precise with a large sprayer, there is a higher risk of burning plants or affecting non-targeted organisms.
  • According to prevailing laws, it is often prohibited to mix two different products in the same tank. If a double treatment is required, it may take more time and be more expensive.


When a lawn is overrun by weeds, it can be challenging to decide which application method to use. However, with our solution, you can now treat weeds both locally and globally with just one piece of equipment. Simply use a commercial horticultural sprayer for large-scale applications. This type of equipment has a large tank and a single trigger to effectively spray the mixture across the entire lawn. Additionally, thanks to its large capacity, you can work on large areas without constantly refilling your tank.

And if you want a more targeted application, you can also walk around the lawn while directly spraying weeds. However, if you need a precision and localized application, we recommend using our Method 1 with the small sprayer, which remains much more effective.


  • This method allows for efficient treatment of large areas and is ideal for professionals who need to work quickly on extensive lawns.
  • It also ensures a uniform and precise application of herbicides for optimal effectiveness against weeds.
  • By using this method to quickly clean up lawns, professionals can also attract new customers with remarkable results.
  • Additionally, with the large tank of the horticultural commercial sprayer, it is possible to use large quantities of Par 3 Herbicide products to meet the specific needs of each lawn.

However, it remains an effective and cost-efficient method for treating large areas. It mainly allows for combining treatments and reducing costs by using recommended dosages.

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Mix preparation:

In general, commercial horticultural equipment comes equipped with agitators to maintain constant product agitation.

Before starting the application, it is advisable to empty the tank to ensure that the product is poured first into the hose. It is crucial to add the product first to ensure a uniform mixture. The mixture may foam a little, but this will greatly facilitate mixing. If you add the solution at the end, it may not mix well.

Therefore, for the preparation of the mixture, we recommend adding 50% water first, then the products, before adding water to the tank limit. For a 1000 L tank, we always recommend using 2 liters of product.


The dosage of herbicide products depends on several factors such as calibrations, pump pressure, flow rate, and the area to be treated. Generally, it is recommended to use about 60 ml of product per thousand square feet.

However, if you are having difficulty determining the appropriate dosage, we can help. Check out our blog post to learn more about different dosing methods. To do so, simply click on this link.


For an effective application, it is recommended to follow the same principle as with other methods, namely to make linear rows to cover the area evenly.

However, this method is only recommended in cases where weeds are spread throughout the area. It is important to note that its use can often result in product losses and decreased ecological sustainability. Therefore, it is crucial to comply with applicable laws and regulations and to carefully control droplets to avoid the risk of plant burn or non-target organism exposure.

If you encounter difficulties in applying your herbicide, we are here to help and advise you for optimal results. Don’t hesitate to check out our blog post on the subject for more tips.

Use a commercial sprayer designed for golf courses


If you are a golf lawn treatment professional, you are undoubtedly looking for the best herbicide application method to achieve perfect results. The fourth application method using a commercial horticultural sprayer is specifically dedicated to golf courses.

Thanks to specialized equipment, you can obtain very wide and precise coverage, without missing any spot. The sprayed micro-droplets allow for a uniform application, for an impeccable lawn. Of course, this method requires a higher investment, but the quality and precision of the results obtained are worth it. With this method, you are sure to meet the requirements of the most demanding golf courses and fully satisfy your clients.

So, if you want to offer your clients perfect lawns that meet the highest standards, use the commercial horticultural sprayer dedicated specifically to golf courses right now.

Don’t hesitate to invest in specialized equipment to stand out and offer superior quality. Your clients will thank you !


  • The use of specialized equipment may be more costly than traditional application methods, but golf courses prioritize achieving optimal results.
  • Lawn treatment professionals for golf courses must have specific expertise to effectively use this type of equipment and ensure user and environmental safety.
  • The use of specialized equipment requires regular maintenance to ensure proper operation and avoid any risk of failure.

However, despite these drawbacks, the benefits of using a dedicated horticultural commercial sprayer for golf courses far outweigh the disadvantages, as it allows for precise and effective application to achieve optimal results.


Golf courses are vast spaces that require a specific approach for herbicide application. Commercial horticultural sprayers dedicated to golf courses are designed to cover large areas quickly and efficiently. By using this method, professionals in lawn care for golf courses can be sure that every square inch of the field will be treated uniformly, without any forgotten areas. Additionally, this method uses micro-droplets, allowing for better precision. By choosing this method for maintaining their golf courses, professionals can be confident in achieving perfect and impeccable lawns.


  • The use of a commercial horticultural sprayer allows for more precise and targeted application, thereby reducing unpleasant odors.
  • Thanks to specialized equipment, coverage is maximized, ensuring optimal results in weed elimination.
  • Given the professional nature of this method and the specialization of the equipment, as a professional lawn treatment provider for golf courses, you are subject to fewer restrictions and can therefore make multiple applications to ensure a flawless playing surface.

This method is therefore ideal for golf courses that have vast areas to cover and want to achieve a perfect and impeccable lawn.

Mix preparation:

To prepare the herbicide mixture for application with a dedicated commercial sprayer for golf courses, there are two options to consider.

The first option is to fill the sprayer tank with 50 % water, then add the recommended products before filling the tank to its limit with water. The second option is to fill the sprayer tank with the recommended products, then add the amount of water needed to fill the tank.

It is important to follow the dosage and mixing instructions carefully to achieve the best possible results. This method is very practical for large spaces, particularly golf courses, as it allows for maximum coverage for increased effectiveness.


Method 4 is a specialized approach for golf courses that require precise dosage for maximum coverage and increased effectiveness. This dosage depends on factors such as calibration, pump pressure, flow rate, and surface area to be treated.

Lawn treatment professionals for golf courses typically use around 60 ml of product per thousand square feet, but this may vary depending on the needs of each course.

If you have difficulty determining the appropriate dosage for your golf course, our team of specialists can assist you. Click on this link to learn more about our specialized dosing methods for golf courses.


Method 4 is specifically designed for golf courses and requires special attention to ensure complete coverage of the surface to be treated. We recommend following a linear application method and carefully observing the areas that have already been treated to avoid overlaps or missed spots.


Professionals in lawn care for golf courses are often equipped with machines that can leave traces, so it is important to pay attention to these areas and slightly overlap them to ensure complete coverage.

It is important to note that this method is designed to ensure optimal results in terms of efficiency and speed, while ensuring complete coverage and optimal use of herbicide products.

Trust our method to achieve impeccable and sustainable golf courses.

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