Dimension 2EW Pre Emergent Liquid Herbicide

Your Ultimate Weapon Against Weeds

When it comes to pre-emergent herbicides, Dimension 2EW herbicide is a game-changer. It boasts a potent formulation of 24% Dithiopyr, ensuring superior control over a myriad of annual grassy and broadleaf weeds. This helps in sustaining vibrant and healthy landscapes and lawns.

From combating persistent crabgrass in residential gardens to managing rampant barnyard grass in turf nurseries, Dimension 2EW is your trusted ally. Its early post-emergent control feature keeps unwanted weed growth at bay, maintaining the pristine appearance of your green spaces throughout the year.

At LandCareWarehouse, we understand the challenges of dealing with stubborn weeds. But with Dimension 2EW herbicide, victory is within reach. Proven effective against over 45 grassy and small-seeded broadleaf weeds, you can count on this robust herbicide to eliminate:

  • Barnyard Grass
  • Black Medic
  • Carolina Geranium
  • Crabgrass
  • Crowfoot Grass
  • Field Sandbur
  • Foxtail
  • Goose Grass
  • Henbit


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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions N/A

0.5 Gallon (1.89L), 2.5 Gallon (10L)


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